Top 10 Things You Should Do During Covid-19 Outbreak

Most of us are clueless and confused about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) that has started impacting all aspects of our lives. The virus is classified as pandemic as it has spread almost 90% of the world and more likely to spread further.

It is making more people sick and continuing its killing spree.

The current statistics from shows that there are 3,064,837 cases recorded where 211,609 deaths occurred and 922,397 people recovered. The death rate is at 19%.  Most epidemiologists say that the numbers will start reducing in the long run.

Here are the 10 most important things you should know about Covid-19. Make sure to watch an insightful video on Covid-19 at the end of this article.

10. You can slow down the infection

You need to do your part in slowing down the infection of Covid-19. There are possibilities for everyone to get infected by coronavirus and the best thing to do is delaying from getting infected as long as possible.

As you can see the younger generation and the healthy individual appears to get through with the infection without any major health complications. However, the older generation and unhealthy individuals are at great risk which can lead to death.

The main reason for delaying the infection is because the health facilities will be available for the ones who are critically ill.

Positive cases are everywhere around the world. But, we can slow down or even prevent the infection by maintaining hygiene, social distancing and avoid contact with a large group of people.

This is something everyone should be doing right now.

By slowing down the infection, there are great chances for new treatment methods to be found, and even vaccine to be developed. You need to face reality. It will at least take another 12 months for vaccines.

Being a responsible global citizen, flattening the infection curve is our responsibility in response to the deadly virus.


9.  You Should Recognize Covid-19 As A Serious Issue

If the financial crisis and the rise in the unemployment rate aren’t enough to show you how serious is Covid-19 than you should definitely look at the current death rate in your country. What worst can happen than seeing people you’ve been close to you going away one by one?

This virus is totally different than earlier viruses as It is spreading extremely fast. According to medical experts, the virus carriers can be asymptomatic (show no symptoms) for almost 7 days before showing any sign of infection.

Imagine when you just got to realize that you’ve been infected after 1 week and for the past week you’ve been going around and meeting a lot of people and spreading it to them unintentionally. It’s a clever virus indeed.


8.  Don’t Stay Ease With The Closing Of Borders and Crowded Places

The spread of their pandemic will slow down but won’t stop. Closing borders and places that invite huge crowds by the government doesn’t work. But, it really does work only to a certain extent.

We know many people will instantly get offended when we mention that lockdown doesn’t work. Many might argue that lockdown is actually working and it’s flattening the curve of positive infection.

Most countries are not having total lockdown. You’re not forced to lock down and stay at home. You can still go get your groceries and some industries still operating during the lockdown.

The only way to slow down the infection is by imposing the right government policies. The policies should include strict mask requirements, large-scale centralized quarantine SOP, and make sure social distancing becomes the norm in everyday life.


7.  Social Distancing Is More Important Than Being Hygienic

Being hygienic is mandatory for everyone. Washing your hands and keeping disinfect your house does not stop you breathing right. According to Science Alert, Some scientists say just breathing or talking may spread Covid-19. Latest studies show that coronavirus is airborne.

Keeping your distance from others is the best way to defensive mechanism to avoid getting infected. That’s why self-quarantine is the best strategy as you will stay far away from others.

It is also important to have changes in certain behaviour which requires physical touch like hugs and hand greetings. Hugging and hand greeting is potentially dangerous now. The Indians have the best solutions to this, namaste with your both hands.

Get used to it.


6. Improve your knowledge and avoid spreading fake news

You need to heavily rely on facts rather than reading every single post on your Twitter and Facebook timeline. Most people are easily convinced by news and articles that are overly exaggerated. You need to check the sources and make sure you’re getting vital information.

The mainstream media are being extra cautious now. The accuracy of the information that they share is extremely important.

No matter how much we try, fake news is circulating and spreading faster than the virus. As a responsible individual, make sure you’re sharing the right information from reliable sources.


5. Make Changes To Your Daily Work and Habits


Although remote working culture was expanding rapidly globally, most companies were skeptical to allow their employees to work from home. This is the best time for those companies to experiment whether remote working culture is working for their organization.

If you can work from home, do so. If your company is not allowing you to work from home, persuade them that you can be more effective and productive working remotely.

There are hundreds of online tools and application that makes remote working easy. It also allows employers to keep track of their employees work.

We still need to go out to shop for groceries. You can either shop weekly once or use grocery apps available to get groceries delivered straight at your doorstep. If you’re shopping for groceries, try to avoid high-density supermarkets or shop when there are fewer people around.

Never ever try to travel in groups or use public transports. If you’re unable to travel alone, please don’t travel at all.


4.  This Has Nothing To Do With POLITICS


There is no point talking about politics during this crisis. It doesn’t matter how the political situation turns out to be. Even if you want to criticise the government’s actions and policies now, it doesn’t going to make any difference. It is absolutely clear that some of the politicians are trying their level best to leverage this situation and strengthen their political ideologies and agendas. Don’t bother about them as getting annoyed with their speeches and actions will only increase your stress level.

What matters the most is what you do. The best response to whatever the government is doing is focusing on what you’re actually doing. You can’t 100% rely on your local councils or the government of your country to save you from getting infected. Protecting yourself and your loved one is your utmost responsibility.

Don’t wait for your elected leaders to come and save you, that will never happen.

3. Don’t Let The Outbreak Affect Your Emotion and Finances

Most business will fail and millions of people will lose their jobs. It has started. According to US News, 26 million people in the United States have filed jobless claim due to Covid-19.

We have to agree that the social and financial impact is greater than the health impact. Despite protecting yourself from the virus, it is also important to protect your finances that can last up to the end of the year. W

We know it is easy to say as every employer and employees have their own issues, difficulties and circumstances. As an employee, don’t completely rely on your company to keep paying your wages as they will be battling hard to stay alive.

You just need to make sure to put yourself in the best situation if things get even worst.


2.  Avoid Thinking About Covid-19 As A Mild Flu

Credit Verywell


There is a lot of inaccurate information about COVID-19 on the Internet and media. You need to understand that the virus attacks your respiratory system. Your lungs get heavily damaged.

The symptoms usually involve persistent dry cough. Young people usually get rid of the virus over time without the need for serious medical assistance. But it is not the same with, old people and people with other diseases which can easily lead to severe illness and death.

You also need to know that people are currently being hospitalized all around the world are the ones with the severe infection which requires medicines and respiratory assistance through ventilators. The hospitals are not filled with people who show “mild” symptoms. Just imagine how many people out there being infected.

You need to take good care of yourself and your family. Make sure to have healthy food and do all the good stuff that will improve your health over time. This is not something you want to do to avoid being infected but to do the right thing to stay healthy even after the situation is over.

If you’ve been smoking all this while, this is the best time to quit.


1. Stay Calm. The Outbreak will end soon


This virus outbreak is unprecedented. There were many virus outbreaks in the past. Although some of them had the worst consequences, Covid-19 is something that we’ve never seen before.  With the social media networks and the Internet, it is easy for everyone to stay informed on what is actually happening.

We are being bombarded with daily news which is more than what we can consume. There are just so many fake news and unhelpful nonsenses.

But, the Covid-19 infection will definitely flatten and people will start recovering. And we will start seeing people giving more importance to humanity when everything is over.

What you should do now?

Just do your part as a human being. Protect yourself, your family and friends.

Stay safe and get ready to rebound once the pandemic is over.

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