Top 10 Things You Should Know About The Dark Web

The dark web is the illegal part of the world wide web. It is the dark area of the Internet which can’t be accessed by normal browsers.

The dark web is filled with illegal and illicit contents which are prohibited to be accessed and can get your arrested. As most legal browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Fox track the users, it is easy for the authorities to track your illegal activities.

Drugs, weapons, child pornography, human trafficking are some of the things you can easily access on the dark web. However, sometimes people from certain countries unable to voice out their frustration and thoughts about their countries choose the dark web to speak out as well.

If you choose to dwell with the dark web, there are some precautions you should take. You need to clearly understand about VPNs (virtual private networks), and other important criteria.

In this article, we will list down the 10 most crucial things you should know about the dark web before venturing into it.

Disclaimer: This article is subjected to only knowledge and entertainment purpose. We do not encourage anyone to get themselves involved with illegal or inappropriate activities with the dark web.


10. The Dark Web Can Be Accessed with The Onion Router (TOR)

What is TOR? Ever heard about it?

The TOR project was developed by a non-profit organization to perform research and development into online privacy and anonymity. It was created to stop any organization to track an individual’s browsing behaviour.

Internet browsers like Google Chrome tracks the users and use their data for advertising purposes. But, TOR browser uses an encryption function in their browser which is identical to virtual private networks (VPN).

But, if you choose to use TOR without a VPN, you’ll be facing a big risk. This is because there are cybersecurity experts can decrypt the encryption of TOR browser. So, it is safe to use TOR along with a reliable VPN.


9. Most Dark Sites Use “.onion” Domains

This is the tricky part of the dark web and some consider it as “magic”. Most common browsers can only view domains with the normal TLDs like .com .net .co and more.

But, the normal browsers are unable to access .onion domains. It requires browsers like TOR to visit those sites. So, with the restricted access of normal browsers to the dark web, it is hard to track and identify the activities carried out.


8. It is Not Completely Illegal To Browse The Dark Web

Most people are scared to use the dark web as they assume it is illegal and they will be regarded as cybercriminals. This is one of the common misconceptions that chase many people away from using the dark web.

It is not a crime if you browse sites from the dark web. What you do in the dark web that matters the most. If your intention is to view illegal contents on the dark web like drug and weapon purchase, it is against the law if you click on them.

In most dark web marketplaces, crime is committed when a transaction takes place. If you decide to purchase something from the dark web marketplace, then it is totally against the law. If you just browse the dark web casually without getting involved with any business transactions, you just don’t have to worry about anything.


7. Not Everyone Use The Dark Web for Crime

Most people assume that the dark web offers illegal contents and items. And some of you might also think that most hackers are roaming around the dark web and improving their hacking skills.

But it’s not like what you think. Various dark web users are privacy concern people and do not want their browsing behaviours to be tracked by any organizations. In certain cases, people who are unable to express their opinions in their countries on the normal websites. They tend to use the dark web as a platform to voice out their concerns and opinions.

You can’t oppose your country’s most powerful man directly right?

Some forums in the dark web allows anonymity which allows the users to have open discussion open certain topics that they can’t freely discuss on open forums on the Internet.


6. Silk Road Was One Of The Most Notorious Sites on The Dark Web

Silk Road was one of the most famous sites on the dark web till 2013. The site was completely shut down by FBI in October 2013. Silk Road was one of the biggest illegal marketplaces on the dark web which allows people to sell and buy illegal items like drugs and weapons.

Once the site was taken down, Silk Road 2.0 was launched just within one month to continue illegal business transactions. Sadly, the site got shut down too.


5. Most Websites on Dark Web Are Scams

There are few thousands of active sites on the dark web today. If you chose to purchase anything from those sites, trust me you won’t get the items to your doorstep.

90% of the marketplaces in the dark web are scams.

You are unable to fight them legally as you might have purchased illegal items from the dark web marketplace. If you tend to have a business transaction in the dark web, you’ll be labelled as a criminal.

Moreover, some marketplaces actually provides assistance in creating scams. They will persuade you to be their partner to make easy money. Most people fell for these unethical activities and lose millions of dollars.


4. Sales on Dark Web Uses Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin used to be the primary cryptocurrency used for transactions on the dark web. However, with the rise of many altcoins, many different coins are accepted for transactions. The main reason for using cryptocurrency on the dark web is due to the decentralized form of the currencies.

Although it is not impossible to trace and track down cryptocurrency transactions, it requires huge resources and expertise to do it. There are also cryptocurrency like Verge (XVG) that has the ability to perform an anonymous transaction with the help of TOR technology.

As there are possibilities for cryptocurrencies to be used in public transactions in the near future, there might be new technology might arise to keep the transactions in the dark web completely anonymous.


3. FBI Has Shut Down Many Website In The Dark Web

When you visit certain websites on the dark web, they might not load or show FBI logo with the message that tells you that the site has been taken down. There are many other authorities are consistently cracking down marketplaces on the dark web. One of the most popular examples is Operation Bayonet which was executed by the Dutch police to seize Hansa, an active dark web marketplace.


2. People Find Links To Sites On Dark Web Using Hidden Wiki Sites

There are hundreds of Hidden Wiki sites available on the Internet. These sites offer assistance for people looking for .onion links to check out various websites on the dark web.

But, most of these Hidden Wiki sites do not offer links to websites that carry out illegal activities. In some cases, authorities like FBI are using Hidden Wiki sites to get their hands on criminals that are heavily involved in illegal business transactions on the dark web.


1. There is a Difference Between “Deep Web” and “Dark Web”

People get confused with the deep web and dark web. Even you’re actually surprised to know that there is a difference between deep and dark web.

Dark Web – platform that has thousands of sites offering illegal items and contents.
Deep Web – a platform that lists down sites with .onion TLD.

Some individuals who use .onion domains to express their opinion about their country or becomes a whistleblower is never considered in the dark web. They’re considered in deep web instead.

These are the top 10 things that we think you should know about the dark web. Did we miss out something important about the dark web?

Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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